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Using chipKit and need a shield for TFT, SD or SPIflash chips?

Then take a look my shields  HERE . The shields are availabe to buy through Coldtears Electronics.
Links directly to the shields are on the shield description page.
Site News
02.10.2014SPIflash has been updated to v1.11.

• fixed a typo in the FlashUploader chip list
• updated FlashUploader to v1.1
• updated the SPIflash_FlashUploader example sketches
• reduced default SPI speed from 20MHz to 13MHz for chipKit due to some instability issues

Uploading datasets from FlashUploader through a serial link should be a lot more stable now, but it still takes a loooong time for larger datasets.

28.09.2014Another update to UTFT today. Current version is v2.79.

• added support for more display shields and modules from ElecFreaks
• removed all support for display modules from GE-Tech (including the ILI9320 driver)

I do not like to remove support for any device from my libraries but it looks like GE-Tech have made some changes to their display modules and I am not sure if their current products would be supported by UTFT. I have tried contacting GE-Tech to clarify the issue but after waiting two weeks for a reply (from their support dept!) I gave up. I cannot in good conscience keep providing support for a company that does not even reply to their support email.

ILI9320 support has also been removed since there are no currently supported displays that use it.

I will not be able to provide support if you are using a GE-Tech display module from today.

08.09.2014Several smaller updates today due to the recent tool-chain updates in Arudino 1.5.7.

The following have been updated:
• Library: LCD5110_Basic
• Library: LCD5110_Graph
• Library: MGLCD
• Library: UTFT (inluding the supplied tools)
• Library: UTFT_Buttons
• On-line Tool: ImageConverter 565
• On-line Tool: ImageConverter Mono
• On-line Tool: Font Maker 5110
• On-line Tool: Font Maker UTFT
• On-line Resource: Icons
• On-line Resource: UTFT Fonts
• On-line How-To: UTFT Fonts 101

Please note that the updates only apply when using Arduino 1.5.7 with AVR microcontrollers.

If you experience problems with previously converted or downloaded icons, images or fonts you should reconvert or redownload them before contacting me.

Please contact me if you still find any compatibility issues as I may have missed some. There were a lot of minor changes needed.

30.08.2014I sorry if the recent server down-time have caused any problems.

The Virtual Host running both my web-, database- and email-servers died due to massive overheating. Several of the capacitors on the motherboard popped...

The servers are now running on my backup Virtual Host and should again be fully functional. There may be some minor down-time in the days to come but each of them should not last long (probably not more than one hour).

Oh, I so need a new server...

25.08.2014The DS3231 library has had a small bug-fix is now available as v1.01.

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